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Titan Extreme Tips and Tricks

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Titan Extreme Tips and Tricks

Post by Riviera_Kruesvir on Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:09 pm

Phase 1:  Place markers A and B at the North and SW of the arena to indicate location of Titan and granite gaels prison of healers.  This round is taking Titan to point A, then avoid his Line aoe that will damage and knockback anyone on the path.  He will do tremor 4xs then Weight of the Land aoe on up to five targets.  Have everyone gather together the whole time excluding the main tank so when Weight of the Land occurs everyone can move at once to a direction without running into a different placed aoe.  This has been a problem with lots of ppl due to Frame rate accuracy and a major delay in movement due to so much information at a specific location.  Have your camera zoomed out the farthest as it can to reduce the information input to kill your frame rate. 

Phase 2:  He will do this until he loses a good amount then jumps, a selected area of the arena will be highlighted and Titan will Geocrush at the center, be at the edge of the arena but not on the highlighted part so when his attack finishes, that section is destroyed and the arena has shrunk.  As the battle goes on however, Titan will use Mountain Buster that does big damage and applies a vulnerability debuff to the tank, swap with the tank at 2 stacks or 3, whichever you prefer so the tank doesn't get killed quickly.  He starts to target 1 dps and 1 healer with granite gael which imprisons two ppl into a rock that must be destroyed asap to save them or else the timer will run out and kill whoever is trapped.  You must also keep them separate so they don't get a defense buff and makes it harder to destroy.  As this is happening, Titan will charge for Upheaval, a room wide aoe that damages and knockbacks the player, so be at the center of where he is or else you'll risk falling off the arena and die.  This also keep in mind to time when to free your friends from gaels when this occurs. Also to note that he will drop bombs onto the arena that needs to be avoided by waiting for the first bomb to explode then wait at that spot until the rest goes.  This also note that they land at a particular pattern from being on one side and you have to be at the other side to avoid them or gather around the main tank and have to stay back.  They have a larger blast radius so staying in between them is not an option as you'll get blown up by two bombs and most likely die. This will continue until phase 3.

Phase 3:  He will land for Geocrush and a bit more of the arena is gone.  His heart will resonate and become a new target.  This phase requires that you take out the heart quickly while avoiding his moves.  If the heart is not destroyed within a certain time, he will use Earthen Fury his ultimate attack and instant wipe the raid, but if you destroy the heart before then, it will do about 2.5k damage to everyone unless protected with buffs thus phase 4 will commence.

Phase 4:  Follows the same mechanics from phase 2, with including that Titan will summon two Titan Egi's to the field that must be killed at a certain spot.  The OT will draw the Egi's to one of the arena and dps must kill them at the same time, so an LB will help.  They leave behind a circle of sludge that applies a sludge debuff and dot on whoever steps in it thus makes it difficult to move from moves like Weight of the land.  His bomb placement will change where one row varies from center or edge and then alternate, (EX center, right, then left.) so avoid the bombs by being at the last row of bombs that appeared and move to the center since that first row will be gone when you move and avoid the last row of bombs.  Towards the end or progression, he will summon superbombs, being bombs will be placed around the arena with no escape, however you can destroy one bomb then have everyone stay on that spot until the rest explodes, also Titan will jump as this happens and perform Geocrush again, but this time the arena will not decrease again.  So don't destroy the one at the center, only the edge so you don't get full damage from Geocrush.

Once you passed those phases, you'll get Titan themed accessories, a Gullfaxi mount, an item for furnishing and an Titan card.

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