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Ifrit Extreme Tips and Tricks

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Ifrit Extreme Tips and Tricks

Post by Riviera_Kruesvir on Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:34 pm

Phase 1:  Mark A, B and C respectfully next to each other for radiant plume later in the fight.  Main tank will start at A, then fight Ifrit until it receives 2 or 3 stacks of Suppuration that Ifrit will inflict with its fire breath attack, thus OT will swap with him/her.  Healers will receive a debuff called Howling Wind, where it will outburst with a damaging aoe to those near the healer inflicted, but it wont hurt the healer.  So have the healers be at a distance from the sides of the arena so they are not close to group but not far to heal.  Howling Wind switches target for the other healer so they will follow suit.  He will cast Eruption onto two random DPS persons, and will cast three times, thus go south in a fair distance between the blast while also not be near the Howling Wind inflicted healer.  Towards the end of phase 1, Ifrit will summon 4 Inferno Nails onto the field, thus needs to be killed but spaced out since killing one afflicts everyone with 2secs of vulnerability, so wait until its gone, then kill the other.  Do this quickly then Hellfire will occur and inflict about 2.5k damage, if not it will wipe the raid.

Phase 2:  Same as phase 1, but starts with radiant plume, the safe zone is at A and on the same spot on the opposite side of the field, so if the healer is near that area, they should run there.  Afterwards, is when he jumps and will do three dashes across the field, thus the party must run from him in a circular motion around the arena while the healer afflicted with Howling Wind will do the same but on the opposite side.  Soon Ifrit will summon 8 Inferno Nails, the same strategy still applies, but also two party members will be tethered and will get hurt per second based on the distance of the two party members.  So remain close to each other so the damage is minimal.  Again, time is the essence that will affect the damage of Hellfire.

Phase 3:  will remain the same from phase 1 and 2, and this is where the dps must be checked.  Dodge his dash moves, eruptions and howling wind inflicted healers keep their distance, and he'll summon 10 inferno nails and 1 Huge nail at the middle.  This is a dps check since if he falls below 10% of health while the nails are around, he will enrage and wipe the raid, same applies if you take too long to kill the nails.  Kill the nails the same way as the previous phase, but also wait for the vulnerability to run out then LB the giant nail thus will do 2k damage.  After the last Hellfire, he'll have few health left and thus you pretty much won the battle.

After the battle, you'll receive Ifrit themed accessories, Aithon mount, Inferno Horn rare drop, and an Ifrit card.

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