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Leviathan Extreme Tips and Tricks

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Leviathan Extreme Tips and Tricks

Post by Riviera_Kruesvir on Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:54 pm

Phase 1:  Leviathan will commence his assault on the party with the mechanic that will shake the boat from one side and everyone will slide to the side.  Then Leviathan will have two targets, himself and his tail.  Have main tank keep Leviathan at bay while OT get the tail with magic user attack Leviathan and the melee dps attack the tail for they each have a counter barrier that whoever attacks with a specific attack, will reflect a percentage back at the user.  Two adds will appear to disrupt the party and so OT will take their concentration and dps will kill them.  Continue your assault until either another Add appears that will cast dreadwash onto the field if given the opportunity that'll cause hysteria that will make the party members wander aimlessly around the boat.  This must be prevented by consistently stun the add.  However if dps is good then that can be skipped and proceed to summon 4 orange-brown orbs on the field.  They will absorb the energy of your elemental disruptor generator.  Kill these ASAP so dps, healers and OT can get them.  During this, Leviathan will sink to the water and attempts to dash through the boat and do damage, knockback and lowers water resistence for 1 minute, he will follow up with knocking the boat down on one side and cause everyone to slide.  Once the orbs are gone and you have sufficient amount of energy for the disruptor, after his dashes, activate the barrier immediately afterwards to save yourself from a wipe with his Tidal Wave ultimate attack.  This will also destroy the railings around the boat that's what was saving you from his knockback off the boat.  Without the railings, his dashes, knocking the boat to one side and inflicted with hysteria will risk having you fall off the ship and insta-death with no way to revive you afterwards.  So be mindful as to where Leviathan will appear on the sides of the ship.

Phase 2:  Remains the same with phase 1, but with no railings, don't fall off.  Two adds will appear, kill them, then kill mage add if it appears, if not, then kill the 4 orange-brown orbs on the ship.  In addition to this, 4 water orbs will appear from the corners of the ship, then move to the center.  OT needs to gather those orbs and move them to a save distance from the party and preventing further absorbtion of the disruptor engine.  Do the same thing to kill the orbs quickly to have the engine have at least 25% of energy to prevent max damage from Tidal Wave.

Phase 3:  After Tidal Wave has occurred and slam the ship to one side again, the mage add will appear, so LB or kill it quickly to avoid hysteria effect.  Thus dps Leviathan to victory.

After the battle, you'll receive Leviathan themed weapons and shield/buckler, A mirror of the whorl, Enbarr mount, a Leviathan barb, and a Leviathan card.

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