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Ramuh Extreme tips and tricks

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Ramuh Extreme tips and tricks

Post by Riviera_Kruesvir on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:27 pm

What to expect in battle:

Thunderstorm:  Up to four party members will be encircled by electricity and do up to 2k damage, however if overlapped with another on top of each other, itll hit both and damage twice.  Another words, DO NOT OVERLAP each other with thunderstorms, but there is only one reason that you'll overlap with another reason and ill explain soon.  BTW, Ramuh will have 3 extra circles on random spots of the field.  Since the field is half covered with water, after thunderstorm if you are in the water after the cast is done, you'll get hit with conductivity worth 3k plus damage.  So avoid being in the water.  This move also drops 4 electrical orbs that when collecting 3 will give shock protection that'll drastically drop the damage taken from Shock Strike that'll normally do 18k damage.  Gather more than 3 will get Overcharge debuff that will still have protection from Shock Strike but will lower healing abilities received by 5-15% for each stack, so Overcharge 3 will make a good Cure 2 of 2500 healing to 500 health.  Not good indeed.  Don't let this happen, but if need be by unfortunate events, get only 1 overcharge.

Chaotic Strike:  Ramuh will target two party members with a cursor on them for 3 seconds then hits them with chaos, after 10 seconds it'll cause bewitchment and the afflicted party members will walk to the center to Ramuh and will be casting Thunderstruck in a positional aoe doing 11k damage, mostly death.  This can be prevented by overlapping with a person that has thunderstorm circle on them to remove the chaos effect, thus saving them.

Rolling Thunder:  Two random party members will be tethered cause a damage DOT and gets worse if not cured by gathering 3 orbs for shock protection.  However, taking any action while tethered, will cause damage to both members by 800 per action you use, but running won't affect it.

Tips:  Have the dps and healers mark with a number 1-5, lowest number have the priority for freeing chaos individuals.  EX.  1,3,4, and OT have circle, 1 saves them, while the others move away and not overlap.  Highest number among the member or tanks have top priority for freeing from tether, EX.  2, and 5,  5 will be the one to gather the orbs and free from the tether, 2 will just sit there and not do anything unless you have a circle and move to prevent overlapping.  However, if 3, and OT have tether, OT gets the orbs while 3 sits there.  Mentioning about the orbs;  a person with macros will announce who'll get the orbs, since the more orbs on the field left will give an unannounced damage buff to Ramuh.  Place a Waymark A south of Ramuh, B left of Ramuh, and C at the right.  Have a person be the bait for the Chaos strike by being the farthest from Ramuh, (at the edge of the field).  A Bard, Summoner or Black Mage would be the appropriate candidate.  They will always be one target for chaos while the other is random, thus preventing any crazy movement to get to A, only to not make and possibly die.  So be wary of chaos.

Phase 1:

First round:  Main tank gets Ramuh's attention and have him face north.  Macro "Tank get orbs"  the OT will get the orbs after thunderstorm has finished, get 3 orbs and switch with the main tank and fight Ramuh since Shock Protection will keep him safe from Shock Strike's menacing damage output.  Then Chaos Strike will commence.  Two members afflicted head to A and wait for thunderstorm, have one person free the chaos, unless Ramuh's random circle appears on them then move away.  Stay out of the water!
Second Round:  Macro "DPS and HEALERS get orbs"  thus the dps and the healers get the orbs while never be near the tank when gathering or else you'll get Shock Strike and die unnecessarily.
Third Round:  Same as round 1, by Main tank will get the orbs and swap with the OT.

Phase 2:

After enough damage, Ramuh will summon 6 arbitors adds onto the field, that'll cast Increased Sentence and Thundershock.  Increased Sentence is an attack when Ramuh is cast against 10xs, he'll cast Judgement Bolt and wipe the raid.  Thundershock summons a line to another arbiter and does 1,200 damage if hit so avoid the line.  After a set time has passed, if there is still an arbiter alive, the raid is wiped, but if all the arbitors are killed in time, Judgement Bolt will do about 2.5k damage, thus commence phase 3.

Phase 3:

Rolling Thunder will be introduced into the mix, and will Chaos Strike.  So free the chaos, and after thunderstorm, the Highest or Tank get the orbs and if tank, provoke Ramuh, if not have the tank attacking Ramuh overcharge with the extra orb left out.  As this will be rinse and repeat from there until 3 arbitors appear into the mix, however they cant be targeted and will cast thundershock the same as phase 2 mechanics.

There is a lot of teamwork and cooperation involved into the mix and thus after your hardwork, you'll get Ramuh themed weapon and shield/buckler, a Markab mount, Levin Orb, and Ramuh card.

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