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Shiva Extreme Tips and Tricks

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Shiva Extreme Tips and Tricks

Post by Riviera_Kruesvir on Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:33 pm

What to expect from this battle:

Shiva Lady of the Frost has three forms to consider

Sword Stance:  This form when first entered will use Ice Brand that'll do 18k damage to one person, however if split amongst all the party members then the damage is divided to about 1500 per person.  With Whiteout, just be under or near Shiva to avoid the damage.  Glacier Bash is a frontal move that damages and stuns, it has a cast time so the main tank can avoid the move by going behind her then after the cast, can resume to the front.  Heavenly Strike is an instant cast that does damage and knockback.  While in this stance, she applies a stack of blunt reduction debuff on her target.

Staff Stance:  This form when entered will have 4-6 party members highlighted with an icicle circle called Hailstorm, thus do 2500 damage and if overlapped with another person, will get hit twice or more.  So spread out.  She will cast 2-4 times Absolute Zero a room wide Aoe that does about 2k damage if not mitigated.  Afterwards, She'll lose her weapon and will gain Dreams of Ice, a damage buff when at 10, she'll do Diamond Dust and wipe the raid if not beaten by then.  Icicle Impact.

Bow Stance:  This form when entered, she'll do Glass Dance which'll do 20k damage in a 270 degree wide cone around her.  Avalanche, when highlighted with a marker above your head, will do damage and a major knockback so if need be move away from the affected or gather to reduce the distance of knockback so you don't hit the edge of the arena and get frozen.  This form has higher damage output, attack speed and increased critical hit output so be prepared with defensive cooldown and such to help for survival.  During this form, she'll cast Permafrost, a debuff with DOT and that will coat the ground with a thin ice debuff which anyone moves during this will slide to the direction they're going uncontrollably and may hit the edge and get frozen, so don't move at this time until it goes away.

Note:  Icicle Impact has different patterns which the center is first highlighted then goes in a particular pattern to which you need to stand at the last highlighted circle to avoid the center icicle impact and damage and move back inside before the last circle is casted.  This will also coincide with Hailstorm where there's some safe zones from Icicle Impact but may clump together with another person from Hailstorm so prevent that by the following instructions below.  Also, at the beginning place marker A, B, and C, in a triangle so when everyone announce position they'll know where to go.
Ex.  Inner C will be positioned where the C marker will be.  Outer B

Phase 1:  Whichever form she starts with will be the pattern you'll follow until add phase, Sword form have the tank stack with the party to split the Ice Brand move then move back into position, when Glacier Bash is casting, move to the party to avoid the move, then back into position.  Follow the appropriate patter from Sword and Staff until Phase 2.

Phase 2:  Ice Golems adds appear, then kill the golems asap or else if any golems are alive from the cast, Shiva will freeze everyone in place and wipe the raid with Diamond Dust.  But if all golems are gone, the attack will do 1500 to 2k damage and Phase 3 will commence.

Phase 3:  Shiva will appear once again at the center and will alternate with stationary Icicle Impact, just remain in the center, then she'll go by which ever stance she chooses. if its sword stay put and get hit by Ice Brand to split the damage and remain close behind her at all times; if Staff, then move to your announced position from Hailstorm, if the position is moved then go clockwise to nearest safe zone of your particular mark then stay alive from the repeated Absolute Zero barrage.  Then once she goes into Bow stance, stay behind her to avoid her Glass Dance move, then stay put and have the main tank move Shiva furthest north as possible without touching the edge of the arena until Avalanche indicator pops above your head or another party members and either stay together and diminish the distance or if your dps has block damage, haingomg or tempered will then have them move away from party to the side and take the hit.  Afterwards she'll use permafrost that'll freeze the arena, and inflicted everyone with permafrost debuff dot and thin ice.  Don't move during thin ice, and wait out the permafrost debuff, or cure or regen to counteract.  After that its rinse and repeat until you defeat her or she gains 10 stacks of Dream of Ice and wipe the raid.

Once the battle has concluded, you'll receive Shiva themed weapons and shield/buckler, diamond dust, a furnishing item, Boreas mount, and Shiva card.  Afterward you gather 5 diamond dust, you can turn your weapons into Diamond based weaponry.  Congratulations.

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